About us

Welcome to TheSilkdrop founded by British born Liz.

TSD began in early 2020 during the Covid pandemic.
Face coverings were new to most of us during this time.

We saw a gap in the market to create something stylish, kind to our skin & comfortable whilst offering protection. Our face coverings have been sold & styled by you beautiful women worldwide.

Silk has incredible beauty benefits for our skin & hair health this is one of the many reasons silk is renowned for being luxurious. As women we thrive when practising self care, treating your skin & hair to silk ensures a low maintenance beauty regime.

TheSilkdrop provides luxury timeless accessories, we believe in investing in quality pieces to reduce waste & over buying.
Our products are created with this in mind, we use only the finest 22-momme grade 6A mulberry silk

Silk is a natural fibre and long lasting when cared for correctly 

Keep your eyes peeled for our new collections

Liz xoxo