Why Mulberry Silk

Mulberry Silk is the most luxurious yet strongest natural fiber in the world.  
One of the unique benefits of Mulberry Silk is that it was 100% natural, odorless & hypoallergenic. It contains a natural protein called sericin.
Sleeping on a Silk pillowcase is the easiest beauty regime.
Skin benefits
Silk is soft & supremely gentle on your skin which makes it the ideal choice for anyone with problematic skin.
Silk contains natural proteins & 18 essential amino acids which speed up the metabolism of skin cells & help counter the effects of aging.
Silk retains moisture keeping your skin hydrated & your beauty creams/serums in place promoting a healthy complexion. 

Hair benefits
Silks smooth surface prevents any friction for your hair allowing it to glide effortlessly.
Silk will keep your hair hydrated encouraging stronger healthier hair.
Silk scrunchies not only look beautiful but offer snag free style, they are super gentle keeping your hair healthy.
Wearing a silk scrunchie can be worn around the clock to protect your hair style & prevent bed head.
Silk does for your body what diamonds do for your hands