Why Mulberry Silk

Mulberry Silk is the most luxurious finest Silk available. Recommended by dermatologists, hairdressers & beauty professionals it really does have its own beauty secrets

Like most women we love to try endless beauty routines to perfect our hair & skin

Sleeping on a Mulberry Silk pillowcase can be the easiest beauty regime you’ve been searching for  


Skin benefits

Silk has anti-aging properties its extremely soft & smooth surface allows your face to glide gently helping to prevent fine lines & wrinkles

Sleeping on a Silk pillowcase helps your skin retain moisture & improve the appearance of your skins hydration

Silk is significantly less absorbent than any other fabric, silk naturally contains proteins made up of amino acids that are effortlessly absorbed into your skin creating a protective barrier & preserving moisture


Hair benefits

Silks smooth surface will allow you hair to glide gently without any friction preventing frizz & damaged hair

Silk keeps your hair hydrated retaining its natural oils & moisture from products encouraging stronger healthier hair

Preserve your blowout or hairstyle by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Say goodbye to bed head & wake up to a great hair day